Klopps first mistake 

I was disappointed to see Juergen Klopps team selection today against Plymouth.

I, like most people, am

A huge Klopp fan but he has shown huge disrespect to the FA cup today, and probably even worse against Plymouth Argyle.

I would have expected him to be totally aware of the fact that every league club in England is more than capable of giving any Premier League team a game, so by starting with he youngest ever starting Liverpool team by average age (21) leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

I don’t buy all the being tired rubbish all the managers spout. Yes they run a lot but it is their job to run a lot. Any professional should be more than capable of running around 15km 9 times a month. If they don’t like having to play a few games of football then maybe they should get a different job!

I will not use the “they get paid a fortune ” arguement as it is not their fault they get offered the wages. It makes no difference if you are getting paid £200 or £200,000 a week, it’s your job so do it.

And in any case start with a strong team, get the game won, then make changes.

I have no problem with chucking a few youngsters in to give them experience but what he did today was over the top.

I know Tottenham made nine changes today and I was not totally happy with it, but I think there is one significant difference as the team they started with was a team of fairly regular starters in the Premier League and had plenty of internationals.

At least Jurgen Klopp has not made a miscalculation and in the process given his precious players an extra game to play …, oh!

Hopefully he will learn from this and take teams from the lower league more seriously and with respect.


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