I may be living in the past but… Part 1 Red cards for tactical fouls

As much as I love football, there are a lot of aspects of the modern game that do really get on my nerves and puts me off football little by little.

The first of the part of the series covers the notion of tactical fouls and the fact they are just part of the modern game. I honestly believe that red cards should be given for them, because it is nothing more than cheating. I realise I run the risk of living in the past and being naïve. But the notion of winning at all costs should not be acceptable.

You know the situation, your midfielder gives the ball away and the opposition counter attacks at pace when some other player just pulls down the player on the ball, stopping the counter in its tracks. The result.. play slowed down and the player making the offence a yellow card.

Yes this idea does run the risk of having games where 2, 3 or 4 people get sent off, but then they shouldn’t do it, should they?

And in time players will learn to not do it. Like with player power at clubs, the rules allows players to get away with it. And the rules need to be changed to stop this from happening.

What does not help the situation is the fact you have ex players sat in TV studios telling everyone they are professional fouls and it is just what happens in modern football as you do what it takes to win a game of football, especially with the money involved in football today ( That will be another post in the future).

What really bothers me is the notion it is considered to be a professional foul and is a professional thing to do. I know in the footballing world things seem to be done differently (football is not a normal business), but surely not even football can change the meanings of words.

If an electrician or plumber went around purposely cheating their paying customers, they run the risk of being on Watchdog or plumbers from hell, or at the very least they get some  very angry customers.

Another point to cover is the question that always gets asked, What if Spurs were winning the Champions League Final ( yes I know dreams), and the opposition counter attacked in the last 2 minutes, would you want Dele Ali to tactically foul the opposition?

The answer, in all honesty is no. I do not want Spurs to win anything by cheating. Yes it would be good to win something, but I want done in the right way.

When Gareth Bale started to learn how to dive in his preparation to move to Spain, I was wanting him to be punished. If your good enough there is no need to cheat,

What is the point in that? It may be a naïve way of thinking about things, but that’s what I want from football.

I know this will probably never happen but I certainly think it should be worth considering as the game needs to stop players cheating the fans and referees ( Ie Phil Jones last weekend V West Ham)

It is nothing more than CHEATING but is considered to be the right thing to do. What is even worse from my point of view is, if anyone reads this especially younger people who have watched  nothing but the Premier League in the last 10 years I will probably be accused of living in the past…. Which may not be totally wrong!



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