FA cup third round weekend

Well the FA cup weekend started off in emphatic style as Manchester City comprehensively beat West Ham United 5-0 at the awful London stadium. I know it’s been said before but that stadium is not a football stadium and never will be. The only positive from the fact the stands are so far away from pitch is you couldn’t really see the ground cloth ss the City goals went in.
I’m looking forward to watching Tottenham as they host Aston Villa tomorrow. I have watched Spurs for to long to think they will easily beat Villa as they probably should. Tottenham will be much changed after their 2-0 victory over Chelsea on Wednesday, but should be strong enough to progress.

I am annoyed that Stourbridge visit to Wycombe isn’t a live TV game. The beauty of the third round of the cup is to give clubs such as Stourbridge a day in the limelight. But instead we have the “excitement” of Readings visit to Old Trafford to look forward to, or Aresenals trip to Preston. So the big clubs get more money while clubs like Stourbridge miss out. The tv money for the third round of the cup is worth £144,000, peanuts to Manchester United, Arsenal, Reading and Preston but can be a lifeline for clubs such as Stourbridge.

Personally I love watching teams I don’t get to see much and that’s what I want from the FA cup live games, if I so wish I can watch Manchester United and Arsenal every week. Before anyone picks me up on it I do feel the same about Tottenham being on TV as well.

Let’s hope the underdogs and lesser teams have a good weekend and progress to the fourth round to get their day on the sun


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