Will Millwall be made homeless by Lewisham Council

Millwall could be forced to leave their New Den ground, which has been their home for 23 years by the very people who should be protecting their local population – Lewisham Council.

It has emerged that a compulsory purchase order could be confirmed by next Wednesday that could see the Lions being forced to move up to 75 miles from their current home, which would lead to some luxury housing.

Having read a couple of reports of the situation it seems like there are some dodgy dealings going on with individuals related to the council and other parties.

The worst part about this situation is the fact that the very people who should be encouraging community living are the very people who are willing to sign on the dotted line, to get rid of 100 years of history and a club who has done so much for the local community.

I will be reading up more on this and hoping that this CPO is not given the go ahead as this could have big repercussions for smaller league clubs all over the country whose ground are on land with a lot value ideal for redevelopment.

Please any Millwall fans please keep me informed of the situation, and if I can help by signing any petitions etc., then point me in the right direction.


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