Alan Curtis

Listening to the radio today, I, like many others, am disgusted by the treatment of Alan Curtis by Swansea City. To sack or demote anyone by text is nothing short of a disgrace and cowardly, but doing that to a club legend who has given you 30+ years of service is despicable… He even led the Swans to a late win against Crystal Palace in the week. I hope he was given a thank you for the three points at least.

Reading Paul Clements comments also does not help the situation. He comes across as very arrogant person. Clement said ” Alan is respected by everyone at the club, its down to him to discuss it with the chairman, but he will be stepping aside from first-team duties. I hope he stays, and roles will be discussed”. It reads like I don’t really care about what Alan does, but I hope he stays to make my life a bit easier.

I would think the appointment of Clement would be received by fans with a fair amount of being indifference. I don’t think it helps his situation by upsetting the fan base so early in his reign, especially as he has achieved nothing in first team management.

Am I wrong Swansea fans, how are you feeling about Paul Clements appointment?


Please message me your thoughts on the comments


Edit 21:10 Alan Curtis has been given a new role as loan player manager


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